Maria (Vanessa) Kerin, an artist curator.

Welcome to my "artist-curator practice" blog. It introduces some of the art processes and projects that I have been involved in recent years.

An ongoing weekly practice with dance artist Alexandra Rafferty since 2009 for which I am so grateful for, continuously nourishes a recursive movement-based arts practice that provokes and inspires a translocal curatorial practice, in Ireland, Estonia and Sweden presently.

I am particularly interested in awareness/presence as an embodied creativity process through somatic practice that frames my movement-based arts practice and aligning interdisciplinary curatorial practice without borders. Presently researching this through an arts practice PhD in University of Limerick.

Ongoing since 2016, research with Helle Kvamme, Sweden,
'Post domestic: the future is the forest"
See Outrider for more info on cross-cultural sharing.
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

interdisciplinary movement based arts practice, Ankor

Ankor, a European interdisciplinary movement based arts practice constellation established in Sept 2017 in Cavan, Ireland

A European interdisciplinary 
movement-based arts practice constellation focused around peer sharing that aims to research and create platforms to support our art practice and processes (visual art and/or contemporary dance) 

This grew from the initial concept by Maria Kerin, an interdisciplinary artist-curator, in response to her own needs to link with a creative like-minded community of movement based artists and her desire to support and share movement based research and knowledge horizontally. 

During 2017, from meetings with artists Alexandra Rafferty, IRE, Helle Kvamme, SW, Mairead Vaughen, IRE, Russell Brown US, and Dr. Eleftheria Rapti, Greece, the urgency to establish a community was apparent. 

In September 2017, Maria Kerin invited Russell Brown, Daire Skuze (radio producer/folklorist) and Alexandra Rafferty to a sharing of practices over 3 days in her studio and home in Ennistymon. Co.Clare.

In response to an invite by Cavan Arts Officer Catriona O’Reilly offering a residency in her home in Cavan and create something for Culture Night 2017, Maria Kerin curated Cavan hothouse research residency, inviting a gathering of movement based artists in a peer to peer sharing week.

4 O’Clock TEAS as part of Culture Night….Belturbert, Cavan.

Participants: Helle Kvamme, artist-curator from Yellow Box, Oland, Sweden, Russell Browne, USA, dance artist and scholar, Dr. Miread Vaughen, IRE, contemporary dancer/choreographer and international visual artist Patricia McKenna from Cavan. On route we had an introductory meeting and brief movement based sharing with limerick-based Irish artist Isolde Donohoe. 

Maria Kerin and Russell Brown are researching the potential to form Ankor into a legal identity through the structure of an integrated authentic organisational model, that could host many artists participating at any level and any way they want, based on their own needs but with sharing at the heart of the connection. 

Helle Kvamme invited Patricia Mckenna to make work for “The Forest” an ongoing research exhibition/process in Kalmar and she exhibited Mairead Vaughen’s film at the opening with Maria Kerin giving a participatiory performance/preseantation at the opening. 

Both Maria and Patricia did movement based research in the forest over the week in Sweden and the ongoing conversations on methodology and process continue between Maria with Helle.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sept 2017- April 2018 will be updated by Friday 20th April

Apologies to all who want to know about;

Ankor, a European Movement based arts practice collective I founded in Sept 2017 in Cavan, Ireland
Performance 4 O'Clock TEAS, Culture night, Belturbet, Co. Cavan

My ongoing work with Helle Kvamme, Yellow Box, Oland, Sweden; my presentation performace in Kalmar Art Museum and workshop in the forest in Oland with Kristina Kvamme. Oct 17.
Ankor second meeting to research "creating space" invited by Dr. Mairead Vaughan and selected by Uilleann West Cork Arts Centre, West Cork, Ireland for a weeks long residency with Swedish guests Helle Kvamme and Anna Lindtal

My ongoing research into receptivity and body listening: invited Ulo Vihma on residency to my home, Mrua Studios, Luisne, Monreal North Ennistymon. He gave 2 free workshops on Receptivity, Body listening and conflict resolution. Feb 2018
Curating a week long interdisciplinary arts practice sharing between Burren based artists and Oland Think Tank, researching processes and arts practices informed by artists living and being in place, in this instance the karst Burren region, focusing on embodied creative knowledge of there.  March 2018

and ongoing PhD research through my arts practice

This blog is in the process of being updated and should be completed by Friday 20th April.
Please call back then! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Arts practice, embodied timelines and experimental archeology in the Burren 5-10 March.

Following on from Patricia Mckenna and my visit to Kalmar and Oland, (thanks to the creativity and kindness of Helle Kvamme as part of our ongoing arts practice together,) and Bodil Petersson's experimental archeology cultural heritage reserach group with Oland Think Tank,
a return visit to the Burren was called for! 

Helle Kvamme and I devised and curated the following week: 
Arts practice, embodied timelines and experimental archeology in the Burren
 5-10 March 2018.

In a week of interdisciplinary arts practice sharing, from puppets appearing on Wedge tombs with poetry readings and faith healing in Corcomroe Abbey to somatic movement practice deep in the dark of the Ailwee Caves, 13 artists and archeologists from Öland island, Sweden, got a unique taste of the Burren. The week’s research of a karst landscape is part of the experimental cultural heritage project lead by Associate Professor Bodil Petersson, Archeology Department with artists, archeologists and researchers of Öland cultural think tank with bases in Öland and Kalmar University. Öland Is an island off the East coast of Sweden and has a world heritage site, ALVARET. This interdisciplinary exchange was initiated by Helle Kvamme, artist curator at Yellow Box, Öland, Sweden and myself Clare artist curator Maria Kerin who has been working with them giving movement based arts practice workshops in Öland.

From being served Wlid Kitchen seaweed soup as they exchanged arts practice gifts with local artists in the Courthouse Gallery,  with thanks to Una O'Dwyer for the delicious meal and the kindness and generosity of Anne Mulle Curator of the Courthouse gallery for hosting it.

To hearing Patricia McKenna, Danny Burke and Patrick McCormack connect site specific arts practice, embodied timelines and experimental archeology in the Burren at a conference in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon:
poster design thanks to Michael Walsh, emajoe disain

To visiting archelogical dig led by Dr. Ros O'Maolduin in Kilnaboy with some surprise guests popping up!

They went home with St. Brigid’s dolls, thanks to Daire Skuce who gave us the experience of a visit to St. Brigids well, Liscannor. 

They also made bog prints thanks to Fiona O'Dwyer who invited them into her studio in Ennistymon and gave a presentation on how her work is informed by place 

Got insights in to burren healing landscape, thanks to Ailish Hayden and Brid Keeley, poetry and cultural heritage stories of place, hanks to Frank Golden and of course thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of this exchange we all made new friends. 

Ailish Hayden giving her presentation about arts practice reserach process and Mauri methods in Corcomroe Abbey, Bellharbour, Co.Clare. photos thanks to Patricia McKenna

A special big heartfelt thank you to all involved who gave of their expertise for free and Jane at the Ailwee Caves who facilitated my somatic movement based practice in there with the group; 10 minutes in total, complete damp darkness, a km deep into the belly of Ailwee mountain!

Helle Kvamme in Ailwee Cave, photo compliments of Patricia McKenna

Dr. Eamon Doyle gave a presentation on the Burren GeoPark and world heritage site in the Courthouse Gallery. Seen here talking to Patricia Mckenna.

Oland Think Tank final evening drawing in the Courthouse Gallery:

time to go home...

                                                       until we meet again...

Glad to announce Patricia McKenna, Dr.Eamon Doyle, Danny Burke, Dr. Ros O’Maoldoin, Dr. Mary Nunan and Deirdre Carr are invited with myself on a reciprocal visit to a symposium in Sweden in Septermber 2018 to continue our research. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Practice based shared processes at Head over Heals

Live skype connection with Nick Bryson, contemporary dancer/choreographer and curator IRE
during dinner gathering, Russell Brown and Rowen Gillis 

Estonian dancer Heli Kohv gives a demonstration of folk dance

Evelyn Griznich leads us through a weaving in the forest process
and then we unweave what we have created...
Sven Eric Stamberg introduces Vedelik's printed edition with Michal Walsh and Marge Laast
Erki Kasemets, Russell Brown, Kaarina and Michael Walsh
Tanel Rander, John Griznich, Jaan Ulst, Evelyn Griznich, 

Russell Brown bringing us on a walking presentation
Sven Erik, Kaarina and Jaan participating in Russells participatory presentation

Monday, August 28, 2017

Participants in Head over Heals, artist curator peer to peer gifting

Participants in Head over Heals, artist curator peer to peer gifting

Irish, Baltic and Nordic States:

Sven Erik Stamberg, Marge Laast and Erki Kasemets, artist curators, members of Vedelik, Tallinn, EE
Russell Browne, traditional Irish dancer, vogue and trapise artist, US/IRE
Jaan Ulst, folk and contemporary dance artist, choreographer and curator, EE
Nick and Signe Bryson, IRE and LV (Skype connection)
Rowan Geddis, UK,  based in Stockholm, Sweden
Evelyn and John Grizinich, MoKS, artists and arts organisers, MoKS, Mooste, Estonia 
Kaarina , Huuto gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Tanel Rander, artist and curator, EE

Signe Pucene, SERDE, Latvia, will arrive for the weekend before the event and start the research sharing then..

Michael Walsh, graphic designer/photographer, IRE/EE

Maria Kerin, IRE

Others interested via internet connection:  Helle Kvamme, Yellow Box, Oland, Sweden
Trudi Van der Elsen, Clare, Ireland

Russell Brown and Michael Walsh were intrinsic to the formation of Head over Heals and helped develop the schedule with insigthful contribution from Signe Pucena, artist curator at SERDE, Latvia.

Signe Pucena curator of SERDE, Latvia, here with daughter Trine, came the weekend before the event to start the gifting process with a focused walk in the forests picking mushrooms and herbs and preparing a meal
Signe finds herbs from the land to prepare a tea mix for the group to inspire us!

Signe Pucena and Trine have a time for reflection in Puka on the raft.
Drawing our way into the weekend structure, Michael Walsh, Russell Brown and Maria taking photo
Visualising the forthcoming weekend, Michael Walsh with Russell Brown

Friday, August 25, 2017

Researching a new artist led curatorial process for peer to peer sharing through gifting

Long afternoons were spent in MoKS researching approaches to arts based organisations and dialogue that stems from arts practice methods. I focused on the authentic, integrated organisational structure defined by:

Frederic Laloux in 'Reinventing Organisations', 
the essay ‘On Dialogue’ by Dr David Bohn,  
and a book that actually just jumped off the shelf at me here at MoKs,  
'The Gift' by Lewis Hyde.

Out of this specific research evolved the structure for an event entitled 
Head over Heals, a gathering of 15 interdisciplinary artist curators, artist organisers and artist programmers from the Irish Nordic Baltic States interested in creatively exploring the possibilities of sharing through gifting. 

All these artists curators I had worked with before and knew their methodology so I proposed that we met for a weekend of arts practice sharing, co-hosted by Irish graphic designer and photographer, Michael Walsh, in a cabin by a forest in Puka, Estonia, 26-27th August 2017.

(Over the past 20 years, I have met many artists who have become curators of their own practice and for others, to meet their own creative needs of autonomy and freedom as well as site specific and artistic needs, (as reflected in my own interdisciplinary arts practice). Such artist curators often work in isolation and outside institutions with little support and community. Sensing that a supportive, sharing community could exist within this arts practice from my experience of working with you all, I invited them to help create  RAFT. )

Funding yet to be received. Intentions are to gather, offer and see where this sharing and gifting leads...) 

The Curatorial Format for the weekend: 

Head over Heals

a gathering of interdisciplinary artist organisers and artist curators from the Irish Nordic Baltic States interested in creatively exploring the possibilities of peer to peer sharing and gifting through arts practice processes

with a view to forming RAFT, an arts practice community

Saturday afternoon, 26th to Sunday afternoon, 27th August 2017 
So come be head over heals with us and explore, play, talk, laugh, share, gift and create.

here at Sacred Oak Hill, Puka, Valgamaa, Estonia

Saturday afternoon, 26th to Sunday afternoon, 27th August 2017